Well this is the point that I let you know some of my opinions on what's good and bad in my eyes. I tend to go for Sci-fi related stuff mainly but I also like books and films that make you think and are well produced. As my sense of humor is well warped there are some lighter hearted bits as well.

One of my favorite authors is Arthur C Clark who by the way invented the communications satellite network that we use today. You can find his original paper on the Internet (yes he does regret not patenting it) read it, it is very forward for its day. One of his short stories called "The Sentinel" was adapted to produce the Stanley Kubrick film 2001 one of my all time favorites.

Another favorite Sci-fi author is Larry Niven who's book's of known space have many prophetic parts, (like "Newstapers" that are equivalent to today's one man video news reporter) some of which are coming true 20 years on. They are also a damn good read.

For humor above and beyond read the Terry Pratchet DiscWorld novels in order if you can. This man has a sense of humor almost as bad as mine and he will put Death into a new perspective for you, as well as lots of other things. Stop press.... Wryd Sisters and Soul music have been made into video cartoons and very good they are too.

For a good psychological thriller Thomas Harris who wrote "The Silence of the Lambs" also wrote one called "Red Dragon" which has been made into a TV movie. Shiver !

To get a realistic idea of the horror of war read Sven Hassel's "Wheels of Terror" which is written from a German soldiers point of view during WWII. There is a film based on the book but as good a film as it is it does not portray the horror and atrocities of war. Later book sequels are no where near as good and have been dramatized too make a "better read".

Of course A.A.Milnes "Winnie the Pooh" and Lewis Carroll feature in my list of favorites. So basically the Wookiee's motto is "if its readable I'll read it".

OK as I said before 2001 stands out as one of my all time favorite films, even now nearly 30 years on it has not dated as much as you would expect.

Two films involving submarines that are really worth watching are "The Hunt for Red October" and for edge of the seat tension "Crimson Tide".

Another film that I like is the original "Highlander" which like some other films and books has been let down by the sequels. The "Alien" trilogy held up better than most although I felt that the 3rd one was not as good as the first pair.

Not a film but a BBC 6 part series available on 2 VHS tapes is "The Edge of Darkness" which stars Bob Peck and Joanne Whalley-(Kilmer) in an intrigue about a nuclear reprocessing plant. With excellent music by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen this story has intrigue and cross plots down to a fine art. Pics are now available on screen 1 at the


Don't you just love the picture or Ronald Craven cuddling his very recently murdered daughters teddy bear with a gun in the other hand?

Speaking of intrigue and cross plots I like most Sci-fi (Sci-fi full stop) but "Babylon 5" has to be by far and away the best Sci-fi program that I have come across to date. As well as brilliant plots the special effects and makeup are superb, plus the acting and directing also present a challenge that will take a lot of beating. Although each episode is self contained if you have not seen it from the start then you will miss out on some of the plot and intrigue. From the same writer is the follow up / spin off called Crusade. Another good spin off is Stargate SG1 from the motion picture Stargate well worth a look.

Babylon 5

Currently one of the best programs running on British TV is "Frost" a detective series starring David Jason of Only Fools and Horses fame as an offbeat detective. The acting is very good and the production in the same category with the plots being quite involved, although serious it does have some good lighthearted moments. Also good from the BBC is Jonathan Creek and series of who-done-it in a locked room which has so far had very good plots and a quirky sense of humor.

Finally but by no means least are the Nick Parks Wallace and Gromit animations "A Grand Day Out", "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave. Well recommended as each time you watch them you see more details, plus they are funny full stop.

Now here's a tricky one. Well I like most music but..... I think I'll keep it simple and just list a few that I think are notable in my view.

Pink Floyd rate up there amongst my notables as producing excellent albums that are performed on stage with a technical expertise that has been ground breaking for years.

Genesis also get a worthy mention for being among the great lyricists and technically good albums and stage shows.

A group that brings out mixed feelings in people are Queen who produced great music and stage shows in their day. But I still like most of their music especially the Highlander soundtrack "A kind of magic".

I also like The Beautiful South, Olita Adams, Julia Forham, Judy Tzuke and the now defunct All about Eve. Although the new American group No Doubt sound like a cross between All About Eve and some other good groups. New to my long list of likes are Jewel, Texas and Alisha's Attic. As I said before there are exceptions and this in not a comprehensive list of total likes and dislikes. Generally it takes a lot to put me off a group though a couple will remain nameless and I will listen to most things at least once.

Well thanks for reading my rambling's now go and look at the rest of the site to.