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Here's me in thoughtful mood


and here I am reflecting on life.


Deprive a girl of her chocolate would you !


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Sue's personal bit

Well here it is at last or a start.
Those of you that know me well know that the world is not a simple place
but suffers from complexities beyond belief and a quirky sense of humor.
In keeping with these quirks I have been blessed with a slight confusion to my gender identity.
What this means is that I am not fully comfortable with my assigned gender and expected social role.
Now we are on dangerous ground here and it is very difficult to explain to someone who
does not suffer from a similar condition what it feels like.
Basically it's like having a small nagging doubt about something, but its there all the
time unless you do sometime about it.
As for that something......

What does this mean in practical terms ?

It means that I like to crossdress into clothes of the opposite gender.
It does not make me eat children or molest them.
I don't go on people shooting spree's in crowded shopping malls.
You can't catch it since I was probably conceived with it in the first place.
I don't run around in a transparent Mac, naked !

So what now ?

All in all I'm still normalish.
I still eat, sleep (so rumor has it) and drink and breathe.
I'm still me although that nag in my mind has disappeared and as a result
I'm more tolerant, gentle and I feel better in myself when that nagging feeling is not there.
There have been many people who have helped and understood, nay tolerated
me and helped me find ME.
So I'm going to put some links to them below. Just because they are here does not mean that they
suffer from the same problems although some do to a greater or lesser extent.
It means that they are in my view fun people to chat to and be with. In fact the sort
of people you want as friends who see you as you and will help you through life.
Not with preconceived ideas about some of Victorian principles mentioned above.
This page is solely about me not any one else and if you want to know about them
then you will have to read their web pages or talk to them.


This includes all the wonderful people who don't have a web page (yet)


Wookiee's homepage.
The Wookiee with feet up (sic).

Pooh's picnic page.
The Wookiee's rambling's. On and On.......

Rosie's personal page.
The huggable Rosie. Very huggable to everyone.

The Northern Concord.
If you do not have access to the IRC or just wish to know more
look at these pages for help & information.

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