As you can tell I'm a Wallace and Gromit fan and have been since
day one when A Grand Day Out first came onto our screens.

This is the second major revamp of our home pages and so there may be
another cock-up or two. I hope that you enjoy wandering round these pages
and come back in the future when things are changed round yet again !

Yes I know its a challenge finding everything from the map
but I would not like you to get bored. "As if" I hear you cry.

Where did you get that nickname I am often asked ?
Well I'm tall & when S* Wars first came out my friends
children decided I was one (Wookiee) & it stuck forever after.
Simple really.

I have let various people (arm twist) have space here in order to express
their views and ideas as not all people are fortunate enough to
be able to have a web site or indeed operate one.

On some of the other pages you'll find views and links that you may
or may not agree with.

TOUGH I've decided to let them have a voice
You'll find no porn or such here.
What you will find are links and views (some of which I don't necessarily
agree with) to the world.
Any comments about individual pages can be emailed to the person concerned.
There are a lot of help links on these pages and some of them
link to very serious places and people. I hope that you respect and if
possible offer or find what you are seeking in these places.
I'm sure some of the pages will continue to develop as time
passes so keep coming back and let me have any comments (good or bad)
so I can improve the site and correct any misspellinggs.
Please note that as some of the residents on these pages do not live here
I will forward any messages but it may take time for a reply, so be patient.

Wallace Speaks about Gromit

What no words !


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