Here are some Web links for people who need some support and help during the day.

Here are some user groups (e-mail sites) that may be of assistance - Check with your own ISP's (Internet Service Provider) for the availability of these groups.

There is also an IRC on line chat for Alcoholics Anonymous that I found the other day, this can be found via the IRC server as #aa using Starlink set of Servers it is on line daily from 9.30 EST. There is also a #aa site on this seems to be well supported - .

I would appreciate your feed back on some of these sites/Newsgroups as I haven't had chance to check them out as yet - so apologies in advance if their content offends.

Please remember that these groups are serious subjects and the usual net courtesies apply more so as most of these groups have the Anonymity of their membership to consider. So do REMEMBER what you read, or share one to one or with the groups in general should be left their and not shared outside of them. Thank you for your courtesy and honesty in advance.

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