Abigail Foreman

A Gap Year In: Guyana
with project trust
Aug 1999 - Aug 2000

Newsletter No 5 cont

Christmas at Kaieteur falls

A trek in the jungle. Part 2

The walk next day was up the mountain and so much harder than the walk the previous day. This was the day saw the snake. It was my turn to lead and to my horror just in front of me on the path was the world's second most dangerous snake. I was terrified. I stood very still and so did the snake, which was determined not to move either. It wasn't very big but could lunge at you right to your neck. One bite and I would have been dead in two hours. Not a happy thought. In the end the guide had to kill it so that we could carry on. At the end of that day we had reached Kaieteur Falls. The view was magnificent and I will never forget it.


We spent the whole evening and much of the next day and a half just looking at the falls.

Kaieteur falls

Kaieteur falls is the highest continuous drop waterfall in the world, plunging 741 feet to the rocks below before falling another 81 feet to the bottom of the gorge. It is five times the height of Niagara and twice the height of Victoria Falls. To think that we had walked there! An area in the middle of dense rainforest with not a tourist centre in Site. It was one of the most magnificent sights I have ever seen. We returned to Georgetown on Christmas Eve in a light aircraft. The flight itself was breathtaking. From horizon to horizon was rainforest with rivers and gorges cutting their paths below us. When we flew over Georgetown at the end of the one and a half-hour flight it really hit home how small a city it really is. We were totally exhausted and unprepared for Christmas day to follow. It was such a shame that Hannah and Lorraine returned to their house to find that they had been burgled while we were away. They spent Christmas Eve at the police station. By Christmas day we were all back together to celebrate together cooking dinner for 12 in one small over and 2 gas rings?